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Published: 17-10-2019

‘Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to Him for protection.’ ~ Proverbs 30:5

God's words are true, sincere and contain no element of error.

The Word of the Lord is certain of accomplishment.

Rest assured that He will do what He has said He will do.

Those who rely on His Word will know perfect protection.


Prayer: Lord, thank You for every word that You have spoken through Your Word, and to me, in terms of promises and guidance. I know that not one good thing that You have promised me, will ever fail. Amen.

Published: 16-10-2019

‘The words of the LORD are pure words; as silver tried in a furnace on the earth.’ ~ Psalm 12:6

When God speaks, we can know that His words are sure and guaranteed.

His words are pure, tested by fire, and words on which we can totally depend.

Human words are frail, vain and proceed out of hearts contaminated by sin.

His words are like pure silver, beautiful, enriching and unpolluted.


Prayer: Lord, thank You that every word that proceeds out of Your mouth is pure and tested, and therefore absolutely reliable, and totally trustworthy, despite how circumstances may appear. Amen.

Published: 15-10-2019

‘For when You grant a blessing, O LORD, it is an eternal blessing!’ ~ 1 Chronicles 17:27

The Lord is not like humans, kind on one day and harsh on the next.

He doesn’t give good things in one moment, and then strip them away in the next.

When He gives blessings, they have an eternal dimension.

Don’t doubt His goodness towards you, believe in His goodness and His blessing.


Prayer: Lord, thank You for the blessings that You have brought into my life. I receive those blessings as ‘eternal blessings’ with the knowledge that they will not be stripped away from me. Amen.

Published: 14-10-2019

‘O LORD, why do You stand so far away? Why do You hide when I am in trouble?’ ~ Psalm 10:1

When we are facing troubles, we often ask foolish and unwise questions.

When things go wrong, we often ask: ‘Where was God?’ and ‘Why?’

The truth is that the Lord is with you, He is not afar off.

Don’t believe the lies, believe the truth – the Lord is with you!


Prayer: Lord, forgive me for my tone of unbelief and my questions of doubt and fear. I believe and I know that You are with me and I have nothing to fear. Amen.

Published: 11-10-2019

‘They collapse and fall, but we rise up and stand firm.’ ~ Psalm 20:8

It’s possible to rise up and stand firm when everything is falling around us.

Things can look hopeless around you, and you can have a different experience.

As you trust in the Lord, you can expect to rise up and stand firm.

You can ‘buck the trend’ because of your trust and confidence in the Lord.


Prayer: Lord, I will not trust in man-made solutions and suggestions. I will trust in You, and I will see how that You will raise me up and help me to stand firm, regardless of what’s happening around me. Amen.

Our faith involves an ongoing relationship with our Lord and Saviour.

The Lord wants us to live our lives in Him.

He wants us to continue living a lifestyle that honours Him.

He wants us to live lives of dependence, trust and in vital union with Him.


Prayer: Lord, thank You for the wonderful relationship You offer me. I don’t want to live like a ‘lone ranger’ or a ‘loner’, but I want to live, walk and enjoy my life in vital union with You! Amen.