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Published: 07-07-2020

‘The LORD your God… He is mighty to save.’ - Zephaniah 3:17a

There is nothing too difficult for the Lord.
He can save, He does save, and He will save you.
He will bring you through whatever is challenging and concerning you.
He has the power to lift you up and out of deep waters.

Prayer: Lord, You are the Mighty God.
You will deliver, and rescue, and save me, from the evil around me.
You will lift me up and draw me out of the challenges and fears that fill my mind.
You are mighty to save. Amen.

Published: 07-07-2020

‘The LORD your God is with you!’ - Zephaniah 3:17a

Your wonderful God, and your loving Heavenly Father is with you, right now.
Your All-Mighty God, your Rock of Ages, is with you.
He is not afar off, or distant and unaware.
He knows, He cares, and He is with you.

Prayer: Lord, how reassuring it is to know that You are here, with me.
I pray that this wonderful fact will become more real to me
than the facts I am confronted with, each and every day.
May it become the rock on which I stand. Amen.

Published: 07-07-2020

‘Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.’ - Psalm 30:5b

We do pass through seasons of darkness and difficulty.
The joy is the knowledge that those times do not last forever.
One day, at the appointed time, they will end, and we will celebrate.
So, do not live in the ‘night season’, but live expectant of the morning to come.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for the hope of a new day, that I have in You.
I look forward with expectation to the joy that You have prepared for me.
I declare that Your joy gives me strength, no matter how dark the night. Amen.

Published: 30-06-2020

‘My heart is glad, and my tongue shouts His praises! My body rests in hope.’ - Acts 2:26

You have good reason to be glad and sing His praises.
The Lord is with you, let me remind you that HE IS WITH YOU!
Knowing this fact means that our bodies can rest in hope.
I speak rest, to your body, mind and heart today, in His precious Name.

Prayer: Lord, it is true, You are with me and I am not alone or abandoned.
I give You praise, and I am so thankful for Your abiding presence in my life.
I choose to rest in the hope I have in You. Amen.

Published: 30-06-2020

‘I constantly fixed my eyes upon the Lord, because He is at my right hand in order that I may continue unshaken.’ - Acts 2:25

When Peter got out of the boat, he walked on water as long as he looked at the Lord.
When he looked around at the storm, he began to sink.
We need to watch what we focus on and fix our eyes on the Lord.
The promise is that He is with you and you can continue unshaken.

Prayer: Lord, I choose to lift my focus off of the things that concern me
and to fix my focus on You. You are the source of life, light and hope, and with You beside me,
I can be filled with hope and expectation, regardless of the storms that come my way. Amen.

God is the strength of all those who trust in Him.

As you trust in Him, He becomes your strength.

When He strengthens us, we know what it means to be blessed.

Let us follow the road that leads us to Him, our refuge and our strength.


Prayer: Lord, I choose to place my faith, hope and confidence in You today. May I find the strength I need in You alone and may I follow You, because You are my Lord and Saviour. Amen.