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Published: 18-02-2020

‘He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.’ ~ Psalm 147:3

The Lord is the ultimate Restorer.

He takes what is broken and damaged, and He heals and restores it.

You may feel crushed, wounded and broken, but He can raise you up.

The Lord will, personally bind up your wounds, and breathe new life into you.


Prayer: Lord, I receive Your restoring power, and life, into my heart and life today. I give You those areas of my life that are broken and damaged, and I ask You to do a miracle of restoration within me. Amen.

Published: 17-02-2020

‘The Name of the LORD is a strong fortress (tower); the godly run to Him and are safe.’ ~ Proverbs 18:10

 The very nature of God means that we can regard Him as our ‘safe place’.

The Psalmist wrote and said: ‘The Lord has been a Shelter for me!’

In times of challenge or difficulty we can run to Him.

When we run to Him, we will discover that He is all we need.


Prayer: Lord, today I choose to run to You. I know that I am safe when I am living within the shadow of Your wings. I am safe and secure, because You are all I need. Amen.


Published: 14-02-2020

‘He is MY loving God and MY Fortress, MY Stronghold and MY Deliverer, MY Shield, in Whom I take refuge!’ ~ Psalm 144:2

Please take note of the repeated use of the word ‘MY’.

Nothing can take the place of YOUR God and His role in your life.

You have the joy of knowing Him as a Fortress, a Deliverer, a Shield and a Refuge.

Put your hand in His hand and declare: ‘You are MY God!’


Prayer: Lord, thank You that You are MY God. I pray that You will be MY Fortress, MY Stronghold, MY Deliverer, MY Shield and MY Refuge. Amen.

Published: 13-02-2020

‘When I am ready to give up, HE knows what I should do.’ ~ Psalm 142:3 GNT

We all go through times when we feel overwhelmed.

Times when we think we cannot walk the road we have been assigned.

Even in the dark times, when we are tempted to give up, He is able to help us.

The Lord always knows what we should do, and He will lead you, NAME.


Prayer: Lord, thank You that You know every detail of my life. You know when I sit and when I stand, and You know what I should do. I will keep my eyes on You, because You know what I should do, and You will show me what to do! Amen.


Published: 12-02-2020

‘The LORD will work out His plans for my life!’ ~ Psalm 138:8 NLT

Do you realise that the Lord has a plan for your life?

What we cannot do for ourselves, He will do.

What no one else will do for us, He can do.

Our responsibility is to be faithful, continue to trust Him, and He will do it.


Prayer: Lord, thank You that You have a plan for my life. I realise that Your plans are always the best for me. I place my hope in You and have confidence that You will work things out and perfect things for me. Amen.


- Obeying and following the leading of the Lord is vital.
- The Lord wants to come in different ways and give us direction and leading.
- When the Lord speaks it is incumbent on us to respond and obey.
- The moment this happens, situations change and miracles happen.

PRAYER: Lord, it is my desire to follow Your leading and guidance in my life. May I not miss the gentle whispers of Your voice in my life. May I know the joy of being in Your will and purpose for my life. Amen.